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    Snakes on a plane!”

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    Denis Pakowacz

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    Tane Williams, Illustrations for the Necronomicon in Evil Dead

  6. Whataaaaaaaaaa! (at Bruce and Brandon Lee’s Gravesite)

  7. Current expectations from life.

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  8. After 2.5 years, this was finally declared as completed. Enormous thanks goes out to a dear friend who made this possible. #tattoo #tebori #shoki #zhongkui #hokusai

  9. My mom’s #cat is more #satan than you. (at Crown Heights – Utica Avenue)

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    @elsekramer: and politicians… RT @BibleBrisket: “Many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1) @BLMedieval http://t.co/nZPaxLHbi6

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    Edward Topsell: the historie of foure-footed beasts & serpents


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    #vogue #viviennewestwood #commedesgarcons #chanel #prada #fashion